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Anza Stopper Collection – Anza Smokey

Anza Stopper Collection – Anza Smokey


The stylish Anza Gemstone Bottle Stopper collectibles. Made with real raw gemstones.


High end, stylish and luxury gemstone bottle stopper made with natural crystal quartz gemstone. Material: rose quartz gemstone, silica gel and kirsite material (gold plated). Size: 9cm x 7cm x 2cm. Weight: 63g. Note: Due to the nature of our product(s), colour patterns may vary.

Use instruction: Insert the stopper at the mouth of the bottle with the triangular prism facing inward towards the neck of the bottle. Adjust the vacuum seal of the stopper for the size of the bottle. Do not pull out when removing. Remove stopper by twisting whilst applying moderate pressure upwards. Care instruction: Do not soak in water. Use wet cloth to clean. Avoid direct sunlight.

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